AITCA Private Blockchain Platform App Available on Windows and Windows App Store 5/3/2018

(April 28, 2018) – AITCA is defined as Artificial Intelligence Technology Cryptocurrency Assets. AITCA offers an open source decentralized platform for the creation of private/public blockchains. Nowadays, many organizations wish to gain access to blockchain technology to serve their customers better. With this understanding, AITCA not only offers a platform for the creation, but also for deployment of private blockchains both within and even between organizations.

AITCA Platform will help organizations in the real estate, healthcare and financial sector for issuing Tokens and assets for public and private fundraising, and most importantly storing client/patient data in a secure, encrypted environment. The company offers both public and private platforms that are free to use. AITCA users can issue financial instruments, token or assets at no cost.

AITCA users can make use of the platform for encrypted storage of data, regardless of whether it is government data, corporate or personal data. As the platform is in its infancy stage, its true potential is yet to be realized.


About AITCA:
The good thing about AITCA platform is that it ensures rapid deployment, unlimited assets, and data streams. Further, the full customization, fine grained permissions and flexible security are added advantages.

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